Saturday, April 30, 2011

Too funny, must share!

Ok, so as we all know I am currently the Setite Coord. One of my staff, Seth Pierce, was bored and made a video. He put it on my staff list, but its too hilarious not to share.

Before I do, though, a few things; first, Seth's brain works differently from that of a normal that everything he thinks is not based in reality but hilarious none the less. Second, he is my Warrior Subcoord, which means the biggest NPC in his stable is Thane Hyksos, the progenitor of the Warrior Setites and the dude that took Typhonic Beast back...Seth makes up all kinds of funny, not-actually-in-play stories for him to amuse my staff. Most of them make him sound like a Chuck Norris clone (Thane Hyksos' Typhonic Beast looks like Chuck Norris...), the best of which was the Emergency Thane Hyksos Maneuver. The ETHM was developed when a few people were whispering accusations of favoritism among Team Snake, and rather than get mad about it Seth made fun of it and really helped deflate the situation.

The ETHM involves Thane Hyksos jumping off off of his moon base, and hurtling towards the earth at blazing speeds using Celerity and Potence one-bajillion while the song in the video plays in the background (the one at the end, not the ominous music...cant tell you, wont be a funny!). Just before impact, Thane Hyksos grabs everyone that Seth is OOC friends with's PC and teleports them to the safety of his moon base just before impact, because he is moving SO fast. The impact leaves a huge crater, a la Kung Fu Hustle (if you dont know it, Google it!).

Without further ado...

Friday, April 8, 2011

A return to old ideas

Me and the fellas (and Anie) were talking, and we really like the idea of creating little mini segments or vignettes to post up on the blog page along with the webcast episodes, much like the one titled Tasty Frozen Dessert.

We already have a couple of ideas for these, so keep checking back every now and again to see if we've actually gotten off our asses and done them!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Athens, Baltimore, and Crazy Powers!

Hello! Thank you all for the massive turnout we had for this show! 35 viewers is a current record for us, so thanks to all who showed up and MAD props to Jason Ruth from the OWBN Hour of Power for supplying the Social Media bump to us as well!

This Episode we had two events back-to-back almost, and we discussed both of them.

Athens Gala

The first was the Athens Gala, the first event after the Year of Fire metaplot was passed. It was a little sketchy there for a while, but the event staff pulled it off and made it a ridiculous amount of fun for all involved and handled themselves with style.

Glitter and Gloom

The second event was the Glitter and Gloom event in Baltimore which was also a raving success. The Tribunal of Adrian Florent and the Global Ventrue Directorate meeting were the big highlights of this event and were everything that everyone was hoping they would be; politics, intrigue, and scandal!

The last thing we talked about was what the two who went to the Baltimore event came face-to-face with; Georgia runs some house rules VERY differently than the rest of the org, so we discuss the differences in flavor.

Show announcement! 4-5-2011

We're coming back to the webcast world tonight at 7:45 PM! We will be discussing the Athens Gala and the Glitter and Gloom Event from Baltimore, as well as fallout from each and other topics we can come up with!

Our cast will be the Core Four: Andrew, James, Kurt, and as always your devoted producer...Me!