Friday, February 4, 2011

"It's not what you want, its the consumer..."

So, boys and girls, we can yammer on for hours on video about what we think is awesome and interesting...but it occurs to us that eventually this will not be as entertaining to all as it would be to us (we totally love to hear ourselves talk)!

With this in mind, we need YOUR help formatting our show. Tell us what you want us to discuss, your thoughts and feelings on the topics previously discussed or shows previously recorded, or if you'd like to give us suggestions for recurring segments (White Wolf trivia asked to the cast, penalty of a shot in the ass with an airsoft/bb gun if they lose kinda thing).

We don't do the show for us, we do it to entertain you, so let us know what entertains you! You can do so in many ways: Reply to this blog post, email it to us at, put it on our Facebook wall (, or tweet it at us @ourislandga!
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Adrian Florent

This episode we talked about the emergence of new chronicles in Georgia, and the pros and cons. We are still our own island in OWbN, not many games near us, but we have more nation-states on our island now I suppose.

Next, Adrian Florent and the upcoming Baltimore event took up the rest of our discussion time, and man did we get elbow deep into that one! It spiralled off into directions we didn't even think of in our show prep, but we still had fun doing it.