Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thoughts on Blood Potency

We discussed in our most recent video the idea of migrating Blood Potency into OWbN. I've put together some thoughts on the matter.

Let People Ignore It

For a Blood Potency system to work in OWbN, it would need to be effectively ignorable by games that have no interest in running it. On a fundamental level this means that the two systems must somehow be made compatible.

At character creation, there is nothing that distinguishes these two from each other in regards to travel. As long as it costs at least 5xp in the Blood Potency system to get the effects of 8th gen, then everything here is fine. As the game progresses, things get more sticky.

In the Generation system, the only way that OWbN hasn't come down on people for moving down in generation is to Diablerize somebody. My expectation is that nobody really cares that diablerie happened, but the negatives be shown. This has a simple analog. In whichever system you choose to use to gain Blood Potency include amongst it the effects of losing a permanent Humanity and gaining black veins for a period of time. While one didn't commit the sin of eating another Kindred's soul, the taste of power does just as much to excite and bring power to one's Beast. On the surface, a character could be said to have done nothing wrong and even believe that, but the temptation to the Beast is no less real and ignoring its temperament is the pathway to Wassail.

Tell A Story

Make sure there's a reason behind and that people notice. For the sake of the system, it needs to be a reason that can't be stopped but can be suppressed. This will give us a literal implementation of the Domain Physics that so many games know and hate.

I haven't pinned down a story I particularly like, but something like the Gangrel Antediluvian has melded with the Earth and some cities aren't affected by the change to Blood Potency because of varying fault lines and how they affect her power. Steep this in some mystery, put a hex on it so the people with Knowing Stones can't just get it, and let's move on.

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  1. Supplied by Dale, but reposted by me!

    First, blood potency.

    I think that blood potency is far superior to generation. I agree. Make everyone start at BP1 and have it increase at X points like so:

    1BP = 0xp
    2BP = 100xp
    3BP = 200xp
    4BP = 350xp
    5BP = 500xp

    Then figure out what the BP gives you. I'd suggest keeping it simple and giving +1 trait cap to traits at every BP increase (10 trait cap at 1BP, and 14 trait cap at 5BP). At 4BP you can burn 2 blood per round, and at 5BP you can burn 3 blood per round.

    Edit: We could make it fit thematically. Perhaps run an End Times plot where Gehenna is anti-climactic since everyone has had a millenia or two to prepare for it. The Ancients rise, and are quickly handled while still weakened. We can get rid of some big name NPCs, and maybe let some PCs get involved if they want their character to go out with a bang, and just have it end. With the death of the Antediluvians, generation loses all meaning and the power of the blood becomes based on age and experience.


    Second, thaumaturgy.

    I think that Tremere PCs should get the Thaum paths in LOTN:R, and nothing else. That's still 5 or 6 paths available, and as far as I recall none of them have one shot kill powers. Giovanni PCs should only get the Necro paths in the book, and nothing else. Setite PCs should only get access to corruption and weather control, and Assamite PCs should only get access to blood.

    That's it. Thaum is broken, so let's keep the broken shit out of the hands of PCs and keep things reasonable. If you have nothing left to buy at 500 points because you don't have a thaum sink, then make another character. If you're playing your character because you enjoy them, then don't complain about not spending the XP.

    Edit: I could see maybe allowing Tremere players to get 5 paths, using the entire roster of available paths, so long as there were restrictions like, three had to be rarity 1, one could be rarity 2, and one could be rarity 3. It would allow for customization without giving any one Tremere too much wooj.


    Justicarial Edicts

    The reason for the edicts against interacting with the sabbat and diablerie is because they became stables of the game. People discipline traded with the sabbat to get shit they shouldn't have. People diablerized rampantly to get down to 8th gen. They were joining in the reindeer games without becoming reindeer, basically.

    You might think that these things should happen, and perhaps they should in rare cases, but they were the norm, and the org had had enough of the practice, so the coords started making edicts to cause serious drawbacks.


    Chronicle Sovereignty

    It has degraded because STs, as a whole, have shown that they're irresponsible and untrustworthy. It's a double-edged sword. The lack of ST power protects us from bad/irresponsible STs, but also restricts good STs from telling awesome stories.


    Cross Genre Interaction

    I've long said that the systems aren't compatible with each other, and that's why every system gives you an example of what another type of supernatural can do within that system's rules. For example, the example Lupines in Vampire have Celerity, Potence, and Fortitude, and the mages have thaum paths and rituals.

    I don't see a problem in mixing all of them in one Org where the only thing that stays similar is the metaplot/metatheme of the game, but the different systems should never, ever interact within individual games. Have different sets of bylaws for each genre so that things are explained appropriately and specifically for that genre. Vampires should not sign into Werewolf games, or vice versa, etc. Similarly, if an ST wants to run an NPC in his/her game from the other genre, make it fit into the setting appropriately.