Monday, November 29, 2010

Making of Election Conversion War

The most recent episode of Our Island Georgia is really the highlight of the whole rebirth process we've been going through. It was fun and interesting. Things just came together even when they didn't seem like they would. The chat, while not as full as I would have liked, had a really engaged audience.

How It Nearly Failed

First we made the mistake of scheduling this episode for the 22nd which was such a fucktarded idea I don't even want to count it... but then we looked at rescheduled to the eminently more reasonable "weekend after the holidays." Yesterday afternoon at noon everything seemed fine.

First I get a text message from Trey that work hammered him and he needed more time to sleep. Everything's fine as we'd planned to do the show between 3pm and 6pm. There's still plenty of room in that. Next James discovers that some school related thing simply isn't there and he might have to return to his home three or so hours away from anywhere that we're going to be recording. Finally Trey gets things together only to find out that Kurt can't be there at all.

Eventually Trey and I settled on just doing something with us riffing about whatever and just deciding that it's more important to have some show rather than waiting for everything to be perfect. He gets to my place and we've gathered up all of our stuff and are making ready to head to a friend's place to do the show so my house isn't distracted.


Before we leave, James changes his mind and decides to stop his school work so we can do the show. Whether this turns out to be a great decision for him long-term I don't know, but it was wonderful for the show.

I start taking a serious look around my living room and trying to figure out how to lay things out. For the first time since the resurgence, things come together. With only three people it's easier to figure out where to put things. The lights seem easier to put together. I find another table and set up a laptop in front of James and I so we can see the chat rather than relying on Trey to say things out to us. My monitor finally moves to a place where it looks like we're looking at the camera rather than some distant space off to the left. In addition, we get all of this done with a lot of time to spare.

Then Trey kicks in the idea of the pre-show, which turns out to be wonderful. We'll start up fifteen minutes before we actually hit the record button so we have a chance to loosen up, work out technical difficulties, and get people into the chat. If you missed the pre-show I'm sorry. It was funny and without topic but great for vaulting us into the real show.

Keep It Going

I intend to keep all of these little take-aways in mind. If we can keep the content of the show awesome then hopefully the scheduling and such will just fall into place. I can only hope that our future episodes are awesome enough to warrant this sort of "behind-the-scenes" look.

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  1. It took me an extra 5 or so hours to complete my school work, but from all of the "Holy CRAPS" I have received regarding the episode, it was more than worth it.