Saturday, November 6, 2010

Election Season; An Insider Perspective

Speaking as an elected coord and as a coord hopeful, I hate election season.

For one, the org metaplot seems to grind to a halt from November until the new year. This is both to allow outgoing Coords to put their affairs in order for the next schmuck (if they aren't a repeat schmuck), and to allow incoming Coords time to catch up and adjust. My own experience has been an easy one so far in this regard; I was a subcoord for two years under the same Coord before my first run, and was elected for two consecutive terms. I was fully informed on the affairs of my position, I was also on Council nearly the whole time, so there was no adjustment period for me (Sarah also kept extremely good notes, and has stayed on my staff to help out). It is kind of frustrating, because I'm ready to get off to the races, but it seems like everyone else is still adjusting the seats and checking their mirrors till january (if they aren't re-elects, that is).

Lastly, from talking to other Coords, sometimes the guy before you doesn't take the time to gather everything up and leave it tidy for you to take over, nor do they stay around to help afterwards. For these poor souls, it seems like the whole year is catch-up, and they either don't run again, starting the cycle anew, or they do run again this time with something to prove (while their opponents shout 'this coord didn't do anything! Rabble!). Coords are supposed to turn in Coordinator Reports periodically( just like Chronicles) to the Head Coord, summarizing their activities. Problem is that only the Coord Staff really ever sees them.

In a thundering triumph of glory, however, Mr. Robert Crosby has been elected to be our new HC, after having been an AHC last term, and has said he will make Coord Reports available to Council and I think the ST List as well. This may make things a little easier on getting everyone on the same page, as well as providing for the guys behind this year's Coord Team to be able to follow up a little better.

I wonder if the other Coords would lynch me if I suggested making the Coord Reports more frequent than they are currently...
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  1. Hey as your fellow coord in waiting... I to hate elections... and I'd totally be down w/ both having the reports given to council, and having them done more frequently... speaking of coord reports, I wonder if I ever sent mine in....... I think I did..