Friday, December 10, 2010

Scheduling; not our strong suit!

With the cancellation of our mystery guest, and the fact that most of our talent is out of town (everyone but me), we're going to have to postpone again.

I know, I know...BUT! This will lead to new and glorious things! This weekend will facilitate some of our cast members moving closer into Atlanta, which means more consistent scheduling in the future! We're looking at at least one show a month, taking place on the Atlanta Game weekends (the 1st and 3rd weekends).

Gee, who'd have thunk? Making a show about Atlanta org gaming record on the same weekend that Atlanta gaming happens?

Hey....give us a's the holidays!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cancelled Guest

Sad news, campers;
Our scheduled mystery guest had to cancel their trip through the area, so they wont be taking part in our next broadcast.

If you've got anything you'd like discussed on the show, please feel free to submit ideas via twitter at @ourislandga, via facebook on our fan page at, or on this page here in the comments!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

NEXT EPISODE! December 12th!

Our next episode will be scheduled for Sunday, December 12th! We will start our live pre-show at 1:45 and kick off the show at 2:00PM!

We will have a mystery guest, so come check it out to find out who it is! Our live show page can be found here, make an account (it's free!) and join us in the live chat during the broadcast!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thoughts on Blood Potency

We discussed in our most recent video the idea of migrating Blood Potency into OWbN. I've put together some thoughts on the matter.

Let People Ignore It

For a Blood Potency system to work in OWbN, it would need to be effectively ignorable by games that have no interest in running it. On a fundamental level this means that the two systems must somehow be made compatible.

At character creation, there is nothing that distinguishes these two from each other in regards to travel. As long as it costs at least 5xp in the Blood Potency system to get the effects of 8th gen, then everything here is fine. As the game progresses, things get more sticky.

In the Generation system, the only way that OWbN hasn't come down on people for moving down in generation is to Diablerize somebody. My expectation is that nobody really cares that diablerie happened, but the negatives be shown. This has a simple analog. In whichever system you choose to use to gain Blood Potency include amongst it the effects of losing a permanent Humanity and gaining black veins for a period of time. While one didn't commit the sin of eating another Kindred's soul, the taste of power does just as much to excite and bring power to one's Beast. On the surface, a character could be said to have done nothing wrong and even believe that, but the temptation to the Beast is no less real and ignoring its temperament is the pathway to Wassail.

Tell A Story

Make sure there's a reason behind and that people notice. For the sake of the system, it needs to be a reason that can't be stopped but can be suppressed. This will give us a literal implementation of the Domain Physics that so many games know and hate.

I haven't pinned down a story I particularly like, but something like the Gangrel Antediluvian has melded with the Earth and some cities aren't affected by the change to Blood Potency because of varying fault lines and how they affect her power. Steep this in some mystery, put a hex on it so the people with Knowing Stones can't just get it, and let's move on.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Making of Election Conversion War

The most recent episode of Our Island Georgia is really the highlight of the whole rebirth process we've been going through. It was fun and interesting. Things just came together even when they didn't seem like they would. The chat, while not as full as I would have liked, had a really engaged audience.

How It Nearly Failed

First we made the mistake of scheduling this episode for the 22nd which was such a fucktarded idea I don't even want to count it... but then we looked at rescheduled to the eminently more reasonable "weekend after the holidays." Yesterday afternoon at noon everything seemed fine.

First I get a text message from Trey that work hammered him and he needed more time to sleep. Everything's fine as we'd planned to do the show between 3pm and 6pm. There's still plenty of room in that. Next James discovers that some school related thing simply isn't there and he might have to return to his home three or so hours away from anywhere that we're going to be recording. Finally Trey gets things together only to find out that Kurt can't be there at all.

Eventually Trey and I settled on just doing something with us riffing about whatever and just deciding that it's more important to have some show rather than waiting for everything to be perfect. He gets to my place and we've gathered up all of our stuff and are making ready to head to a friend's place to do the show so my house isn't distracted.


Before we leave, James changes his mind and decides to stop his school work so we can do the show. Whether this turns out to be a great decision for him long-term I don't know, but it was wonderful for the show.

I start taking a serious look around my living room and trying to figure out how to lay things out. For the first time since the resurgence, things come together. With only three people it's easier to figure out where to put things. The lights seem easier to put together. I find another table and set up a laptop in front of James and I so we can see the chat rather than relying on Trey to say things out to us. My monitor finally moves to a place where it looks like we're looking at the camera rather than some distant space off to the left. In addition, we get all of this done with a lot of time to spare.

Then Trey kicks in the idea of the pre-show, which turns out to be wonderful. We'll start up fifteen minutes before we actually hit the record button so we have a chance to loosen up, work out technical difficulties, and get people into the chat. If you missed the pre-show I'm sorry. It was funny and without topic but great for vaulting us into the real show.

Keep It Going

I intend to keep all of these little take-aways in mind. If we can keep the content of the show awesome then hopefully the scheduling and such will just fall into place. I can only hope that our future episodes are awesome enough to warrant this sort of "behind-the-scenes" look.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Election Conversion War!

Our new episode is now on the web, in which we talk about the Coord Election Results, the new nWoD-oWoD Conversion Guide, and the Cam-Sabbat War!


Next Episode!

Better late notice than never! New Episode is going to be taped tomorrow, sometime between 3 and 6 pm est! Follow us on twitter at @ourislandga and get an update when we go live so you can join our broadcast in our video chat channel on!

Post Election recap, Questions from the Audience, and more!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Show Postponement!

So, we probably should hve thought out our triumphant return better, and not have done it as to put our second show so close to Thanksgiving, but damnit that's how we roll!

When we all get back in town and are miserable from eating so much, we'll cover the OWbN election results, stopping the Cam-Sabbat war, Boons: worthless, as well as your questions and comments!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Election Season; An Insider Perspective

Speaking as an elected coord and as a coord hopeful, I hate election season.

For one, the org metaplot seems to grind to a halt from November until the new year. This is both to allow outgoing Coords to put their affairs in order for the next schmuck (if they aren't a repeat schmuck), and to allow incoming Coords time to catch up and adjust. My own experience has been an easy one so far in this regard; I was a subcoord for two years under the same Coord before my first run, and was elected for two consecutive terms. I was fully informed on the affairs of my position, I was also on Council nearly the whole time, so there was no adjustment period for me (Sarah also kept extremely good notes, and has stayed on my staff to help out). It is kind of frustrating, because I'm ready to get off to the races, but it seems like everyone else is still adjusting the seats and checking their mirrors till january (if they aren't re-elects, that is).

Lastly, from talking to other Coords, sometimes the guy before you doesn't take the time to gather everything up and leave it tidy for you to take over, nor do they stay around to help afterwards. For these poor souls, it seems like the whole year is catch-up, and they either don't run again, starting the cycle anew, or they do run again this time with something to prove (while their opponents shout 'this coord didn't do anything! Rabble!). Coords are supposed to turn in Coordinator Reports periodically( just like Chronicles) to the Head Coord, summarizing their activities. Problem is that only the Coord Staff really ever sees them.

In a thundering triumph of glory, however, Mr. Robert Crosby has been elected to be our new HC, after having been an AHC last term, and has said he will make Coord Reports available to Council and I think the ST List as well. This may make things a little easier on getting everyone on the same page, as well as providing for the guys behind this year's Coord Team to be able to follow up a little better.

I wonder if the other Coords would lynch me if I suggested making the Coord Reports more frequent than they are currently...
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Social Media Explosion and The Next Episode

We are trying to ramp up our exposure, so we've got a twitter feed now @ourislandga, and you can also find Our Island Georgia on Facebook.

Our next episode will be based on questions from the public, so please get us questions or comments anywhere you like; this blog, twitter, or facebook! Pass along the word to everyone, and as soon as we set a date (which WILL be in November...of this year...) for our next live show, we will post it to all of the aforementioned media so that you can participate via the live chat and even post questions to us there!

Bringing it back

So, it's been over a year since our last update. Things have changed for a lot of us, and we all realized "holy crap, we should continue doing that thing we have so much fun doing!"

So here it is! Just in time for Coordinator Elections, too! Out of all the election competition, it looked like to us that the biggest ones are going to be the Assistant Head Coordinators, the Ventrue Coordinator, and the Brujah Coordinator. Grab your well-matched scarves and check it out! This is raw, uncut live broadcast footage so we apologize for any technical weirdness; we are just getting back into this.