Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thieving Birds

Here's our first little bit about the Atlanta Event. We have some more stories coming, but I felt that this one really needed to get out there.

Sausage Festival

Over and over again we've had technical problems with Stickam on the night we want to do a live broadcast. Because of this, we're going to try to do more stuff on our own time and just post videos to places. This actually is resulting extra-long turnaround time because I'm not very good at video editing. Either way, here is the first Our Island Georgia coming from YouTube.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Radio Silence

Sorry for the total silence around here as of late. After a show went really badly there's been a bit of apathy amongst a few of us here. This has resulted in you guys not getting shows.

Do not fear though! We're working on some new concepts, sketches, and other video-oriented things. We may be off the air for a little while, but we have not gone silently into the night!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Null Winter

Despite a 38 minute late start due to technical difficulties, our second episode went off like a charm! The final attendees were Moose, Trey, Mrmrhhr, Austin, Michael, and myself.

We cover some commentary on Kory's exit from the coordinator position, ideas and reactions to Jonathan Giovanni as a Gangrel Archon, and differing plots styles that we like.

Bringing it Back

With the holidays coming to an end it's time to ramp up this little podcast and start on a schedule again.

Tonight at 10:00PM Our Island Georgia will be going live once more from the Shadowmore living room.

Expected Attendance: Andrew, Jon, Mrmhmph, Austin, Moose, Trey, and Lisa

The crew's getting together to discuss some of the happenings that haven't been commented upon. A Coordinator burns out after a few weeks on the job? A new Gangrel Justicar with a new Giovanni Archon? Why aren't we at Midwinter anyway?

Tune in and feel free to drop more questions and shift the topic entirely through the chat box. If you have an account and a webcam join up and make your voice heard!